Leicestershire Green Plaques vote!

5 July 2017

The closing date for voting on Leicestershire Green Plaques is 31 July!

The list is:

Tommy Brown (awarded the George Medal during WWII)

The Drill Hall (soldiers marched/rode to WWI from here)

George Fox (founder of the Quaker movement)

Capt Robert Gee (awarded the VC during WWI)

Heathcoat & Boden’s Lace Factory (site of the Luddite Attack of 1816)

Anne Ayre Hely (nurse during the Crimean War)

John Theodore Kenney (illustrated Thomas the Tank Engine)

William Pearson (founded the Royal Astronomical Society)

Pestilence Cottage (known also as the ‘Plague Houses’)

Eric Pinkett (known locally as ‘Mr Music’)

Lord Macaulay (historian, essayist, poet & politician)

George Spencer (industrialist & benefactor)

The website address to vote is


If anyone wants to comment (for or against) any of the nominees please contact this site and we will add it: history@lboro.ac.uk