Luther and the East Midlands: a Conference

30 September 2017

De Montfort University, Leicester

10 am to 5 pm, 30th September 2017

A one-day public history & archaeology conference to mark the 500th anniversary of the beginnings of the Reformation in Europe and Britain.
The conference will examine some of the effects of the Reformation on the East Midlands in the 16th and early 17th centuries.
Dr Stephen Bates (University of Warwick), The Virgin Mary and the Reformation in the East Midlands.
Professor John Beckett & Dr Chris Brooke (University of Nottingham). The Parish Church in the Sixteenth Century: the Southwell and Nottingham Church History Project.
Dr Richard Buckley (ULAS), Excavations at Leicester Abbey.
Dr Sylvia Gill (University of Birmingham), Chantry Priests of the East and West Midlands.
Paula McBride (University of Bristol), Witchcraft in the East Midlands.
Dr Deirdre O’Sullivan (University of Leicester), Friars, Friaries and the Reformation.
Dr Brian Hodgkinson, ‘For my Soul’: Testamentary donations to the Church in Lincolnshire 1520 – 1540.
Dr Marianne Wilson (TNA), Reformed remembrances? Testamentary legacies from the inhabitants of Lincoln Cathedral close in the sixteenth century.
Venue: Clephan Building, Oxford Street, Leicester, LE1 5XY
Cost: £25 (£20 concessions)
Further information can be found here.