How do Loughborough companies record their past?

11 March 2016

Loughborough Corporate Heritage project (LoCHe)

January 2016 saw the start of a new project to find out how local businesses store information on their history and how they make use of it during anniversary celebrations involving the wider community.

Headed by Dr Clare Ravenwood of the School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University, the project is gathering the experiences of companies in Loughborough as an insight into what’s happening in businesses throughout the country.

A collection of historical material on local businesses will be a by-product of the study and the team will share this with the public through Loughborough History and Heritage Network and other platforms.

“We’re hoping to increase awareness in local businesses to the value of their archive collections, especially for anniversary celebrations,” explained Dr Tim Zijlstra, Research Associate with the project.  “There’s huge potential for the material to be digitised, which would create an ongoing legacy of benefit to the businesses themselves and also the local community.”

Many members of the public have been generous in sharing their memories and experiences with Tim and Clare, including at an open afternoon held at Loughborough Library on Friday 18th March.  “We had a pleasant afternoon discussing Loughborough’s rich corporate heritage,” says Tim.

You can read more about the LoCHE project outcomes here.


Posted by Alison Mott