In the deep mid-winter …

28 December 2020

‘The winters seemed terrible. I can remember the canal freezing solid and the ice breaker would come down with seven or eight horses pulling it. In 1914 we had terrible snowstorms and the telegraph poles were lying flat on the railway. They were blown down in the blizzard.’

‘In the winter after a hard frost, we would go down to the Meadows to watch our elders skating on the ice and having a try ourselves at sliding. Some of the gang became quite adept at it but I always seemed to be facing the wrong way by the time I was halfway down the slide and finished either flat on my face or the other way round.’

Extracts from ‘Loughborough As I Remember It (Memories of the Town before 1945.)’  (Various contributors. edited by Jean Carswell, published by Leics Libraries, 1988)

Collated by Alison Mott

© Alison Mott