Texts, publications and on-line information

Agriculture and the contribution of Robert Bakewell by Ian Keil and Don Wix

A Nostalgic Look at Bygone Shepshed by Marjorie Sholz

The ‘Athletic Grounds’ of Loughborough – by Barry Wilford

Encaustic Memorial Floor Tiles of Rothley Church by Terry Sheppard

Fowke Street, Rothley by Terry Sheppard

Changing Spaces Trading Places  was a Heritage Lottery-funded project carried out by Charnwood Arts under the ‘All Our Stories’ initiative.  The project documented the experiences of members of the South Asian communities who migrated to Leicester from East Africa in the 1970’s and of the factories and workplaces which employed them there.

Grace Dieu and Garendon Revisited – by Marjorie Sholz

Letters from the Trenches in the First World War – A collection of letters sent by local men serving in the First World War,  written in response to letters and parcels they’d received from members of the Baxter Gate Sunday School.  Published by the Baptist History Group. Loughborough Baptist Church, Baxter Gate

Loughborough – the way we were!   A book of photographs of Loughborough from the 1960s and 70s taken by David Arthur

Nichols’ History of Leicestershire: a bi-centenary celebration 2015 – compiled by Caroline Wessel

RAF Wymeswold post-WWII – a detailed history of activities at Wymeswold airfield in the 1950s and 60s by Richard Knight.  (Pub. Wolds Historical Organisation).

Rhianydd’s Hosiery History – a collection of recorded memories of the hosiery industry in the East Midlands at the end of the twentieth century.

Sir Julien Kahn at Stanford Hall and a View from the Co-operative College –  a free-to-download publication by David Lazell. (Pub. Wolds Historical Organisation).