Loughborough Parish Library

James Bickham was an eighteenth century scholar and rector of Loughborough from 1761 to 1785. An avid reader, he bequeathed his extensive ‘library’ of books to Loughborough Parish, and it remained in the town for almost two hundred years.

After being stored in several places, the collection was eventually deposited in the University of Nottingham’s Manuscripts and Special Collections, where it remains today.

The Loughborough Parish Library can be viewed by any member of the public in the Reading Room of the Manuscripts and Special Collections department on Nottingham University’s King’s Meadow Campus. You can find out about opening times here

Our thanks go to Ursula Ackrill of Nottingham University for bringing Reverend Bickham’s story to our attention and for letting us have the following articles about his library:

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