Loughborough History and Heritage Network is a non-profit making website run by Loughborough-based writer Alison Mott with contributions from local heritage groups and members of the public.

Established in its original form in December 2014, the website’s purpose is to preserve and share the history of the Charnwood area of Leicestershire and to strengthen a sense of pride and community in its diverse population.

As such, we welcome stories, photos and memories about the area, it’s buildings and organizations, and the people who have moved here, lived here and worked here – whether that’s in the recent past or hundreds of years ago.

We’re also happy to share information about forthcoming historical events, local heritage organisations, and publications about Loughborough and Charnwood.

Contact us at lboro.history.heritage@gmail.com to share your own stories, memories and views.

The LHHN website shares articles and information on behalf of Loughborough Library Local Studies Volunteers. Email them at lllsv@gmx.co.uk if you need help with a local history query.

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