LHHN website launch

8 January 2015

The Loughborough History and Heritage Network website was officially launched at Loughborough University on Thursday 18th December 2014. The well-attended meeting included members of the public and the local heritage community, Nicky Morgan MP and Vice-Chancellor Bob Allison.

Dr Robert Knight (Department of Politics, History and International Relations) started by thanking the Higher Education Innovation Fund, and all those who had contributed to the site. He stressed that the website is a work in progress, which depends on contributions and suggestions from members of the public. This community involvement also reflects one of the University’s research priorities – Communication, Culture and Citizenship.

Professor Allison welcomed the initiative as a valuable example of collaboration between the university and the local community. The website was formally launched by the Rt. Hon Nicky Morgan MP, who spoke of the importance of every community appreciating their heritage and the fascination of Loughborough’s history.

Alison Mott then shared her memories of the late Dr Ian Keil, who as lecturer in the Department of Economics had made an enormous contribution to the study of Charnwood’s history. His ideas and philosophy inspired the idea of the website.

Karen Ette followed with a highly topical talk based on her PhD research into a First World War encounter between Charles Elliott, an officer of the Royal Leicestershire Regiment, and the German writer Ernst Jünger. Finally Dr Jill Vincent, former Mayor of Loughborough and a retired university lecturer, talked about the role of First World War remembrance, the poppies at the Tower of London and the shared memories which unite a community.