Bombers Over Town: WW2 Loughborough as I Remember it #2

11 May 2020

The only bomb dropped in the 1939-45 war in Loughborough was two hundred yards away from where I live in Parklands Drive, in a field and it caused no damage except a few broken windows.  It was a 250 lb one with casing half an inch thick.’

‘During the 1939-45 war the ack-ack guns opened up at Derby.  We heard a splitting noise as a bomber came towards our row of houses.  It lost height and passed over our house ten yards above the chimney pot with four German airmen in grey uniform and black berets walking aimlessly about.’

‘It finished up at Hoton, killing all four, who were buried in our cemetery and later their remains were returned to Germany.’ 

‘My last remembrance is the American planes towing gliders on their way for V.E. Day.’

Extract (contributor unknown) from: ‘Loughborough As I Remember It,’ edited by Jean Carswell.  Pub. Leicestershire Libraries and Information Service, 1989.  ISBN 085 022 270 2.

Read more about the German bomber crashing at Hoton here.

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Group of WWII Heavy Bombers on a mission by Ivan Cholakov
Photo from Shutterstock