New book published on People and Places of the Wolds

14 September 2020

This month sees the publication of a new local history book by the Wolds Historical Organisation, an active group of enthusiasts who research and share the history of the villages of Burton on the Wolds, Cotes, Hoton, Prestwold, Walton on the Wolds and Wymeswold.

Produced by a group of writers, this collection of essays and biographies starts with pagan Anglo-Saxon settlers and continues to within living memory – at least living memory for the contributors, if not everyone living in the Wolds now.

A great many of the contributions are about the people who were born or lived in this part of north Leicestershire. Herein are the ‘great and the good’ and all types in between. They include:

a locally-famous schoolmaster-cum-antiquarian;
two men who collected plants and climbed mountains;
a soldier involved in the Charge of the Light Brigade;
a man transported to Australia;
the ‘gentry’ who built Burton Hall;
all the owners and occupiers of one of the manor farms;
a Second World War airman who miraculously survived;
a once-famous speedway rider; and
a girl with a passion for riding horses.

Published in September 2020, the 113-page paperback contains 19 colour photos, 84 b&w photos and 2 maps and costs £11.95 (£9.95 + £2.00 p&p).

Email to order.