On this day in Loughborough … 1874

10 December 2020

10th December 1874 

Horse Race in Loughborough Meadow between Sam Dakin’s brown mare and Charles Fisher’s mare for £5 a side. Distance one and half miles.  Mr Fisher’s mare won by 40 yards even though Mr Dakin’s mare was favourite.

Snippets from the Loughborough Advertiser, Loughborough Herald and Loughborough Monitor.

Collated by Loughborough Library Local Studies Volunteers
Source: Matthew’s Local Newspaper Extracts Vol. 1

Illustration from ‘Songster – Loughborough’s Own War Horse’ (Alison Mott & Liz Waddell, pub. Carillon Tower & War Memorial Museum – see here.)
© Liz Waddell 2018