On this day in Loughborough … 26th June 1891

25 June 2022

Severe Thunder Storm 25th June 1891

A severe thunderstorm  broke over Loughborough on Thursday Evening 25th June.  Throughout the day the atmosphere had been sultry, and rain fell at intervels; shortly before 5 o’clock a storm was heard towards the south west which gradually came nearer the town, causing the people to seek shelter.  There was an extremely heavy rain for about three quarters of an hour, nearly two inches being registered between 4.30 abd 6.00 p.m.

With scarcely a minutes cessation, the torrent continued to descend until 20 minutes to 6, tremendous peals of thunder succeeding brilliant and dangerous flashes of lightening.

The Derby Road was covered with something like three feet of water.  In the Cherry Orchard district the streams from Hume Street and Cobden Street met at Peel Street which lying somewhat low, was soon four feet under water.

Printed Thursday 2nd July 1891

Article submitted by Loughborough Library Local Studies Volunteers and taken from the Loughborough Advertiser, Loughborough Herald and Loughborough Monitor as collated in Matthew’s Local Newspaper Extracts Vol 3.