Wartime Christmas Market

17 December 2020

‘Question raised as to Market at Christmas. Resolved to hold a Market on Christmas Eve 24th December closing at 11 pm and there be no Market on Sat 26th December.’
Minutes of Estates Committee, 11th November 1914

‘The Town Clerk submitted a letter from Councillor Stenson stating that several stallholders desired the Market to be held on Wednesday 23rd December as well as Thursday 24th December. The matter was considered by the emergency committee. Resolved Wednesday Market to be open to 8 pm.’
Minutes of Estates Committee, 14th December 1914

Loughborough Market Place decorated for the coronation of Edward VII in August 1902.1
Loughborough Market Place in March 1964.1

‘During autumn and winter months the market stalls were lit by paraffin flares suspended over the counters. These gave off a yellow flame which was only just sufficient to illuminate the goods for sale.’2

‘Liza Blackwell was quite a character on the market. She wasn’t fussy about what she said or how she did things but she was a very fair woman. She was always very straightforward and we always shopped at her store for green grocery. It was always good produce.’2

1Photos from ‘Loughborough Markets and Fairs’ by George Green
2From ‘Loughborough As I Remember It,’ (various contributors)