Submitting items to the History and Heritage Network Website

1 February 2015

Guidance for submitting items to Loughborough History and Heritage Network Website

We welcome all contributions which shed light on the history of Charnwood, both Loughborough and the surrounding villages.

These could include

  • Features on people, events or buildings
  • Longer historical articles
  • Previously published but hard to access material
  • Information on forthcoming events
  • Information on local heritage organisations


Please make sure you have the right to allow us to use any material you submit, especially photographs.

It’s possible to get round the issue of copyright by including a link to a photograph featured elsewhere on the internet rater than uploading the photograph itself.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to seek permissions on your behalf and if we’re unsure, we won’t use the material you send.

Further guidance on copyright can be found here.

See here for potential sources of copyright-free images.

Sometimes it’s possible to use other people’s photographs under Creative Commons licensing. You can find out about Creative Commons here.

Historical accuracy

We welcome well-researched, historically accurate features.

Please check dates, the spelling of people’s names and sources, etc before submission.

See here for a blog about why historical accuracy is important.

Find tips on ensuring historical accuracy here.

We reserve the right to scrutinise the source of your information and, as a last resort, to decline to publish material whose accuracy is in doubt.

What can I send?

Event information:

We actively seek information on historical events and talks across the Charnwood region.

Click here for information on how to send us event notices.

Note: Whilst we can advertise not-for profit activities, we’re not allowed to advertise commercial operations on the website. Please see the University guidance on advertising for further information.

Submitting text

We’d prefer submissions sent by email, as a word attachment.

We also welcome further reading (such as papers), either as word or pdf documents, and photographs in jpeg.

However, we may be able to accept the occasional, short submission by post. This will be decided on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us to enquire before sending anything in.

We reserve the right to shorten or edit submissions, in consultation with you, before publication. We may also suggest changes or the inclusion of additional information, links etc.

We welcome features which shed light on the spectrum of ethnicity, gender, disability, and sexuality in the history and heritage of Loughborough and Charnwood.